Former staff

Former staff of the English Department

N.B. This list is not exhaustive, and we will be working to update it and the website with staff photographs and more information. Please let us know which people should be added. We also welcome any additional information on the members of staff that are on the list. Please feel free to share your memories and stories on the Get Involved page.

Full Professors:
Baker-Smith, Dominic (Literature)
Beaver, Harold (Literature)
Boheemen, Christel van (Literature)
Harting, Pieter (Linguistics & Literature) deceased
Lindner, Christoph (Literature)
Swaen, Adriaan deceased
Swart, Jacobus (Literature) deceased
Verdonk, Peter (Linguistics)
Vos, Andries (Linguistics) deceased
Werth, Paul (Linguistics) deceased

Lecturers, Associate and Assistant Professors:
Ansaldo, Umberto (Linguistics)
Baskin, Vivian (Literature)
Belien, Maaike (Linguistics)
Bienen, Henk (Linguistics) deceased
Birrell, Andrew (Literature)
Boogaards, ? (Language proficiency)
Born, Nak (Linguistics)
Boswinkel, Johan (Linguistics) deceased
Brederode, Tom van (Linguistics)
Buuren, Luc van (Linguistics)
Dam van Isselt, Jet van (Linguistics)
Freeland, Valerie (Literature)
Fry, August (Literature) deceased
Gabriner, Paul (Literature)
Gons, Henk (Linguistics) deceased
Hogg, Richard (Linguistics) deceased
Hoogland, Renee (Literature)
Hyams, Phil (Linguistics)
Jackson, Bev (Literature)
James, Allan (Linguistics)
Jansen Schoonhoven, Michiel (Literature) deceased
Jory, John (Language proficiency) deceased
Kappers-Den Hollander, Martien (Literature)
Keizer, Evelien (Linguistics)
Kellendonk, Frans (Literature) deceased
Lord, Catherine (Literature)
Knottenbelt, Betsy (Literature) deceased
Komter, Martha (Linguistics)
Koopman, Willem (Linguistics)
Leather, Jonathan (Linguistics)
Leek, Frederike van der (Linguistics)
Lim, Lisa (Linguistics)
Los, Bettelou (Linguistics)
McGregor, Clare (Language proficiency)
Mesker, Rosalie (Language proficiency)
Meijs, Willem (linguistics)
Moore, Gene (Literature)
Muir, Margaret (Linguistics)
Paul, Anthony (Literature)
Peereboom, John (Literature) deceased
Polanyi, Livia (Linguistics)
Postmus, Bouwe (Literature)
Poulisse, Nanda (Linguistics)
Reid, David (Literature)
Romijn Meijer, Henk (Literature) deceased
Rudnik, Marijke (Literature) deceased
Stam, Rinus (Literature) deceased
Steenbergh, Kristine (Literature)
Tak, Hein (Linguistics)
Vries, Rina de (Linguistics)
Waard, Marco de (Literature)
Wurff , Wim van der (Linguistics)
Wijers, ? (Language proficiency)

Boer-Schuurman, Henny de
Geurts, Mariëtte
Klooster, Julia
Loeber, Marianne
Peterse, Jetty
Siesling, Ity
Vaane, Evelien (student counselor)