This site was created by eight students in the MA program in Public History at the University of Amsterdam.
Current and former members of the English Department are invited to contribute to this ongoing project.

Dr. Kristine Johanson
Dr. Manon Parry

Project Management
Tim Streefkerk
Roosmarijn Thuijsman

Jasmijn van Houten
Paul de Jong
Roosmarijn Thuijsman

Web Development
Lisa Brouwer
Eva Firet
Henrike Luijk

Web Support
Myrthe Bil
Nynke Bos
Wietse de Graaf

Special Thanks
Violet Annaert
Nora van Arkel
Prof. Dr. Dominic Baker-Smith
Drs. Astrid Balsem
Dr. Anne Bannink
Dr. Tom van Brederode
Ton Bruins
Dr. Jet van Dam van Isselt
Prof. Dr. Olga Fischer
Marloes Geers
Phil Hyams, M.A.
Drs. Martien Kappers – den Hollander
Dr. Wim Klooster
Julia Klooster
Dr. Peter Jan Knegtman
Dr. Paul Knevel
Dr. Willem Koopman
Eduard Lampe
Dr. Bouwe Postmus
Maud Peereboom
Hans Visser

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