The EngSem Choir

EngSem Choir
Tom van Brederode, second row, fourth from the right, rehearses with the EngSem choir, Bungehuis Amsterdam, ca. 1985
Courtesy of T. van Brederode

Dr. Tom van Brederode had two major passions: the English language and singing. In the 1980s, he could combine both at the English seminary. Dr. van Brederode taught Linguistics and also founded the English Department choir. Frans Wiering, a student of Musicology, became the first conductor. The choir sometimes sang at the staircase of the Bungehuis at the end of their weekly rehearsal, because of the beautiful reverb there.

The group often performed in public. Their last event, a rendition of the opera Venus and Adonis was held at a tiny theater called de Smederij in Amsterdam. Although the choir gradually petered out after the farewell of Wiering, Prof. Dr. Olga Fischer is eager to revive it. Maybe the staircase of the Bungehuis will be filled with music once again.

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