The Harting Programme Scholarship

Bungehuis, Amsterdam
Bungehuis, Amsterdam
Courtesy of Faculty of Humanities Archive
Professor Harting in his academic dress. Courtesy of Ton Bruins, UvA Special Collections


Pieter Harting (1892-1970) was professor of English Language and Literature from 1937 to 1962. The Harting Programme is part of his legacy. This scholarship enables students to study at an English university for one year without paying tuition fees there. Harting firmly believed that every English student should spend some time studying in the United Kingdom.

Since 1948, the very best bachelor students selected for the program have gone to the UK in Harting’s name. Although founded at the University of Amsterdam, teachers from Leiden, Nijmegen, Groningen, Utrecht, and Amsterdam negotiate every year to determine which students will study at which university. The prestigious scholarship is also welcomed by English universities, as the selected students are highly motivated and especially talented.

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