Andries Vos, Professor Extraordinaire

Professor Andries Vos
Professor Vos at the farewell party for Julia Klooster, Amsterdam 1976
Courtesy of W. Klooster

Professor Andries Vos (1919-2010) taught from 1963 until 1984. He was an unusual character and has become one of the most well-known former staff members. Working at a time when the pressure to produce new work was far less intense, he only published once, in 1962, based on his dissertation on Petrus Montanus. When a colleague wanted to obtain a PhD, he was unenthusiastic and even asked him why he would put himself through so much hassle.

Yet former colleagues and students describe Professor Vos as an impressive man. He was an avid reader, and was well informed about the latest developments in academic research. He was also devoted to his work, and is remembered for peculiarities like putting a tea-cosy over his phone so that he would not be disturbed. His nightly adventures involving his favorite drink, jonge jenever are also fondly remembered by former staff members.

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